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Meet Jo

Im Jo Edwards, and Im glad you found my website.

I've been on my own healing journey for many years. I've had plenty of health issues over my life ranging from anxiety and depression, to adult acne, IBS, and food intolerances.

I spent 6 years travelling the world looking for the tools and techniques that would help me on my path to health. 

I found what worked for me, and Id love to share these tools with you and be your guide to whole health.

Specialising in:

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Do you feel stuck on your healing journey?

Healing is an art form because it is a truly individual journey. No two paths are the same. 

Sadly this is where western medicine lets us down. They treat most patients the same way without knowing any health history.

They only treat symptoms, they don't address causes. 

That's what makes Health Coaching different. As a Holistic Health Coach, I will spend time with you getting to know you, your lifestyle, your patterns, your habits, your health history, even your family health history.


It's only when we have the full picture that we can start to look at what needs to change.

I aim to be your guide, your educator, your cheerleader, and your accountability partner to give you clear, structured, and practical advice to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Are you ready?

Coaching services




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Start your healing journey!

There are three levels of coaching available:

LEVEL 1 - Complete health assessment including all health history (we go deep, hence it being 3 hours long)

LEVEL 2 - The 3 hour health assessment PLUS 4 one hour follow up sessions based on the 4 pillars of health (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual)

LEVEL 3 - The 3 hour health assessment PLUS 8 one hour follow up sessions based on a more detailed breakdown of holistic human health (physical, emotional, social, mental, occupational, financial, environmental, spiritual)

You can book LEVEL 1 - the health assessment as a stand alone session, or you can book it as part of LEVEL 2 or LEVEL 3. Please head to the button below to find out more.


The Art of Pilgrimage: Avebury
The Art of Pilgrimage: Avebury
An incredible 5 day journey to the spiritual heart of England - Avebury. Stonehenge on steroids, this temple never ceases to awe and inspire, and this is just one of the neolithic sights we will see on this energy filled, community based, spiritual journey.
28th May - 2nd Jun AND 3rd Sept - 8th Sept
Avebury, Marlborough SN8 1RF, UK


Jo, I cannot thank you enough for providing this life changing experience. So much space was created in my mind to clear and re-energise. The trip, was so cleansing for the mind, body and soul. It felt such a privilege to walk in the steps of the pilgrims and to become a pilgrim myself. Being able to sleep in the two churches added a very special dimension. It was such an honour to be able to be part of this experience and I remain feeling deeply humbled.


Having enjoyed a Health Assessment with Jo it left me on the one hand with a sense of peace that I'm on the right track in matters of good physical and mental health, on the other hand, it helped me approach and see underlying issues from a new point of view that I hadn't considered before.

Jo has left me feeling empowered, listened to, encouraged and motivated.

I now try and implement her suggestions in my everyday life.

The additional reading material she gave me helps me understand in more detail what we were talking about, which, to me, is very important.

I'm looking forward to talking with Jo again very soon.


I want to thank you so much for everything that you did for me.


You may not know, but since the first session, your energy, kindness, and understanding have helped me to keep fighting to feel better.


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